Our Work

Business for America’s goal is to put political reform at the top of the agenda — and win. Our focus is on enacting high-impact policy changes, advancing technology to improve government, and elevating the business voice for change.

For the business community, establishing a well-functioning government is more than a matter of principle — it’s an urgent economic priority. As our democratic institutions fail to deliver results, business is losing out. In order to build a healthy, competitive business climate, our elections must offer voters meaningful choices and be fair, accurate, and safe from cyber threats.

We’re the only business group focused exclusively on upgrading government from end to end. While there are many voting rights, campaign finance, and government reform organizations, involvement from the business community has been lacking. That’s where Business for America comes in. By making the business and economic case for nonpartisan improvements to government and elections, we have a unique opportunity to catalyze political change.

Experts have called our work a potential “game-changer” — and we’re just getting started. Here’s what we’re working on for 2018.

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Policy Initiatives

Getting government to change itself isn’t easy, but business leaders’ credibility and influence can make all the difference. Business for America is empowering business leaders to help educate the public, advance legislation and ballot initiatives, and improve public policy outcomes. Here are our top policy priorities for 2018.

The Secure Elections Act. Senate Bill 2261 is a commonsense bipartisan measure to address vulnerabilities in our election system, introduced by Senator James Lankford (R-OK) and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN). The bill helps states replace outdated electronic voting machines that don’t leave a paper trail, improves election audits, and enhances cybersecurity protocols.

A Full and Accurate U.S. Census. The U.S. Census is a critical component of congressional redistricting, the allocation of government services, and many other essential public functions. Businesses rely on the census for market analysis, capital investment, and long-term decision-making. We’ll be advocating for a full and accurate count.

Ending Gerrymandering. Partisan gerrymandering drives polarization and political gamesmanship in Congress, making it nearly impossible for our elected officials to work together and find common ground. Business for America believes that elections should be competitive and that districts should be drawn in a nonpartisan manner. In 2018, we plan to bring together business leaders in key states with redistricting reform initiatives.

Technology Council

Technology and data science are starting to transform government — and we’ve barely scratched the surface. Our Technology Council will help fulfill technology’s promise to upgrade government. The council is investigating and identifying the best technologies for making government more transparent and accountable. Research will cover a wide range of ideas from election security to artificial intelligence. Findings will be released in 2018. Then, in partnership with government stakeholders, the council will help turn the best ideas into reality.

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Conference on Capitalism and Democracy

Business for America is planning our signature event: an annual conference on America’s economy, the future of capitalism, and how government can promote economic prosperity. This gathering will feature thought leaders in business, technology, economics, government, and politics. Talks will highlight the economic cost and social impact of dysfunctional government, proven policy solutions and new innovations, and the future of government and society.

By elevating important ideas, sparking new insights, and connecting civic and business leaders, the conference will have a lasting impact on our national dialogue. The conversation will extend beyond the conference hall with a national media campaign and online video series.

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