DisruptDC Receives Grant Funding From Mertz Gilmore Foundation

Washington, D.C. — The board of the New York City-based Mertz Gilmore Foundation, a private, independent grantmaking institution, announced this week that it has awarded $75,000 to support the work of DisruptDC, a new, nonprofit business alliance based in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. that is focused on achieving a vision of better government. Mertz Gilmore’s general operating support will underwrite DisruptDC’s work on elections and voting, better aligned and more rational public policy, and upgrading government’s use of technology.

DisruptDC’s president and CEO, Charles Kolb, said: “We want to thank the Mertz Gilmore Foundation, its board, and its staff for providing this important seed money to help launch DisruptDC. When government functions poorly, it harms our economy and short-changes the public. At DisruptDC, we want to improve the way our representatives are elected; make the policymaking process more rational, ethical, and transparent; and, finally, bring government’s use of technology into the 21st Century.”

Sarah Bonk, DisruptDC’s co-founder and chairman, expressed her gratitude as well: “We’re thrilled to have Mertz Gilmore’s support ahead of our national public debut. Business leaders across the political spectrum recognize the dysfunction in our political system and are looking for constructive ways to engage in the political arena. DisruptDC creates a forum for businesses to help advance nonpartisan solutions to government dysfunction and achieve meaningful public policy results.”

DisruptDC will officially launch its activities in summer 2017 with an open letter from American business leaders. DisruptDC co-sponsored the Global Election Technology Summit held in San Francisco, May 17–18, and will host a series of events and conferences beginning in September 2017.

About DisruptDC
DisruptDC is a nonpartisan, nonprofit coalition of business leaders for better government and elections at the state and federal level. Its mission is to advance policies and technologies that will upgrade government and establish a more competitive, innovative, and prosperous economy in America. DisruptDC has offices in San Francisco, CA, and Washington, D.C.

For more information about DisruptDC, please visit www.disruptdc.org or email info@disruptdc.org.

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